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We are committed to assisting educational agencies with creative, innovative means and techniques to overcome the tsunami of educational budget cuts they have to face. Many administrators have been given additional duties due to these cuts. Our goal is to fill the growing need companies and government agencies need to build capacity in marketing, training, staff development, editorial and government advocacy in issues of importance to the Latino communities of California.

Elizabeth Jiménez Salinas, CEO

Headshot of Elizabeth Jimenez.
Elizabeth began her career as a paraprofessional. After graduation from California State University at Fullerton, she was a bilingual elementary teacher in Corona and later an adjunct professor of Education at California State University, Los Angeles. An exceptional business woman who earned her MBA under Peter Drucker at the Claremont Graduate School while raising 5 children. In October of 2008 she was awarded the homenaje a la mujer for her contributions to the education of English Learners by the Association of Mexican American Educators (AMAE).
"Throughout my life, people have told me that I don't really look like I speak Spanish," Elizabeth says, pointing out one of the expectations regarding bilingualism in the United States that motivates her.
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Professional Development
Designed to enlighten and provide valuable resources to educators through effective techniques to instruct within today's school districts with all its difficulties and challenges.

Elem/Dist Language Advisory Committee Workshops
Learn how to build an effective DELAC/ELAC. Are all the positions filled? Do your parents know when the DELAC/ELAC meeting take place? When was the last time your DELAC/ELAC proposed a program, solution, or activity for your school community?

Parent Engagement Workshops
Our customizable modules affirms and builds upon the educational assests parents possess. We create parent accountability with tools and resources.

Author Visits
Published author Elizabeth Jimènez Salinas brings her stories to life through her Author Visits. She knows the importance of connecting kids to books and how it can change their life.


Publications & Articles

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Cover of Elizabeth Jimenez's book Lalo. Image of two pages from inside of the book El Corazon Sincero. Cover of Elizabeth Jimenez's book El Corazon Sincero.