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Last updated on April 11, 2017
LALO This hilaCover of the book titled Lalo.rious true story of a young boy wanting to fit in is one of the first books to address the experience of being of a mixed race but growing up in a traditional Mexican family in the United States. Light-skinned Lalo wants to be dark-skinned like his cousins who trick him into eating lots of chile. He learns a valuable lesson about accepting who he is.        

                              Two pages from the Lalo book.
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Cover of the book El Corazon Sincero.
El Corazón Sincero (The Sincere Heart) is a collection of clever riddles, plays on words,  timeless tongue twisters, familiar counting rhymes, fascinating facts, and traditional children’s songs. The captivating, vivid color illustrations make each entry uniquely delightful. The riddles are explained at the bottom of their page.
                                                   Two pages from the book El Corazon Sincero  
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A great way to help Spanish speaking English Learners build an English academic vocabulary. Cognates are words that are spelled similiarly in English and Spanish and share the same etymology (root word).