Elizabeth Jiménez Salinas, CEO


Elizabeth began her career as a paraprofessional. After graduation from California State University at Fullerton, she was a bilingual elementary teacher in Corona and later an adjunct professor of Education at California State University, Los Angeles. An exceptional business woman who earned her MBA under Peter Drucker at the Claremont Graduate School while raising 5 children. In October of 2008 she was awarded the homenaje a la mujer for her contributions to the education of English Learners by the Association of Mexican American Educators (AMAE).

"Throughout my life, people have told me that I don't really look like I speak Spanish," says Elizabeth pointing out the expectations regarding bilingualism in the United States that motivate her.

A published author of professional articles and Spanish Language children's books and stories on CD, Elizabeth's successful 18 years in the textbook sales business inform her understanding of the education market and customer needs.

Elizabeth understands well the political aspect of education. As a legislative aide for California State Assembly member Pete Chacon she worked on the Bilingual Education legislation in California. As a registered lobbyist her far-reaching contacts include members of the California Latino legislative caucus and many state policy-making bodies of California.

"In politics there are three things that politicians pay attention to: Can you help get out the vote, Can you help get the out the word, and Can you help get us out of debt? The current administration in Washington DC is clearly sitting up and taking notice of the growing Hispanic population in the United States. Companies, too, are looking for 'votes' for their products, funds to purchase them and ways to get out the word to buyers in Hispanic communities."

Elizabeth Jimenez brings her expertise to GEMAS Consulting to successfully serve companies and government entities that want to grow their future.

* The name of the firm is taken from the initials of the Ms. Jimenez' five children: Gabriela, Eduardo, Maria, Alexandra and Salvador. In Spanish, the word gemas means "precious gems".